TSE denies hacker attack after systems instability

Drop in systems was caused by internal overload

In a note released last night (12), the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) denied that it had been the target of a cyber attack after some of its systems had suffered instability throughout the day.

According to the statement, the fall in systems „was motivated by an internal overload and has nothing to do with external interference (cyber attack)“.

On Thursday, the websites of the TSE and the regional courts were unavailable, as were the services of the Electronic Judicial Process (EJP), through which the parties can access documents from a case. The portal for the BitQT disclosure of applications also showed instability.

According to the TSE, the problem occurred due to a defect in a datacenter, equipment that stores and processes data. The court reported that technicians from the equipment manufacturer were working to correct the problem

The TSE assured that the technical problem does not affect the municipal elections, the first round of which is scheduled for next Sunday (15).

The fall in the TSE’s systems occurred just over a week after a cyber attack paralysed all the systems of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). Other state bodies have also reported attacks recently, such as the Ministry of Health and the Federal District government.

Check out the full TSE note:

„The Superior Electoral Court clarifies that the fall in the systems of Electoral Justice, recorded on the afternoon of Thursday (12), was motivated by an internal overload and bears no relation to external interference (cyber attack).

Because of the problem, services such as the Electronic Judicial Process (Processo Judicial Eletrônico – PJE), dissemination of candidacies and websites of the TSE and regional courts were unavailable.

The blocking of infrastructure equipment, a datacenter, is being solved by court technicians in partnership with technicians from the manufacturer. Last night, the systems began to be standardized, and the expectation is to resume full on Friday (13).

The technical problem does not affect any process related to this Sunday’s vote (15), such as the preparation of ballot boxes, the counting of votes and the transmission of results.

It is important to remember that the Brazilian electronic ballot was designed to work without being connected to any network device, either cable, wifi or bluetooth. In other words, the ballot box is an isolated equipment, which preserves one of the basic security requirements of the system.

Besides that, the totaling of the votes, after the information is sent by the Regional Electoral Courts (TREs) works through a private encrypted network“.

Bitcoin (BTC) Update: Does the upward trend continue towards $14,000?

The Bitcoin (BTC) price at the time of writing is around $13,700. We look at the charts and discuss the possible scenarios, read the update here!

Bitcoin price update

With an upward trend and a $14,000 test, we can now speak of a very strong uptrend in Bitcoin’s current share price. A first test of this tipping point at which the price has suffered significant losses in the past may be a step towards a new all time high.

But before we think of such increases, the price has to take an important step.

The continued rise of Bitcoin’s price is a good sign and we can see that bulls are stronger again after a long time since Bitcoin’s first big bull run.

With a rapid rise towards the $14,000 mark with no real expected consolidation, we can expect more movement soon. The price doesn’t seem to be sitting still, and can only make a long-awaited breakthrough through $14,000.

Bitcoin price 4-hour chart

In order to get a somewhat better picture in the short term, this time, for the sake of clarity, we take the 4-hour chart from Bitcoin. Here we see a bit more movements than the day graph and also more clearly the current support and resistance regions. This gives us a somewhat better picture of the current state of affairs.

The current 4-hour chart of Bitcoin Cycle shows us a nice upward trend. The current 4-hour chart of Bitcoin shows us a nice upward trend, where the resistance does not really hold for long and we continue to rise rapidly so far. With a strong resistance around $13,800, we see that the price is going to get a bit more resistance.

The first test at $14,000 has a slight decline and with the current price high in the $13,700 we see that this resistance is currently holding up.

$14,000 is an important point

Despite the fact that $14,000 is an important life, and the course here has failed a test. Bulls haven’t been able to hit back yet and the pullback is very limited. An increase by $14,000 in the short term is therefore not a bad idea. And there is a considerable chance that we will see more action around this price in the coming week.

So again the price looks very bullish and with an approaching weekend we see plenty of chances for a new rise in the coming week. With $14,000 as the first target, followed by probably another rise to high in the $14,000.

As unfamiliar territory approaches, it becomes difficult to predict new resistance. As we approach unknown territory, it will be difficult to predict new resistance, especially given the parabolic rise in the previous bull run.

What will bitcoin do?

All in all, an exciting and fun time. With enough support on the way to $13,000 and $12,000. Whereby we are most likely to go up to $14,000 and through.

The road to a new all time open light closer than ever, and we’ll soon see how much strength Bitcoin is able to break up.

Aggiornamenti sulla criptovaluta e sui bitcoin della stagione elettorale – 5 novembre 2020

Aggiornamenti su Crypto e Bitcoin – 5 novembre 2020: Mentre il Presidente, il Senato e la Camera degli Stati Uniti in piena marcia – con grande incertezza chi ha vinto la Casa Bianca 2 giorni interi dopo il lancio del primo balletto di persona, il mercato delle criptovalute e dei bitcoin ha lasciato pochi dubbi su chi siano i vincitori. Di seguito sono riportate alcune buone notizie per aiutarti a superare le tue ansie elettorali.

Febbre elettorale? Bitcoin aumenta del 9% per scambiare vicino a $ 15.000

Bitcoin Era e il mercato complessivo delle criptovalute sono in fiamme oggi. La prima moneta crittografica ha guadagnato il 9% e si avvicina a $ 16k in meno di 24 ore. Il segno migliore che Bitcoin è rialzista e continuerà il suo modello al rialzo, è il fatto che è cresciuto del 10% negli ultimi 7 giorni, del 27,3% durante il periodo di 90 giorni.

Il prezzo del bitcoin è rimasto di $ 10k + negli ultimi 100 giorni. In un solo giorno, sono stati aggiunti $ 125 miliardi al mercato delle criptovalute. Il suo valore totale è di $ 430 miliardi, al momento di questa pubblicazione.

Mike McGlone, Senior Commodity Strategist di Bloomberg ha scritto su Twitter, con la certezza che nel 2021 Bitcoin raggiungerà il livello “parabolico”

“Il bitcoin potrebbe subire un 2021 parabolico , come è accaduto nel 2013 e nel 2017, se i modelli precedenti si ripresentano. I nuovi massimi sono una prossima potenziale iterazione e potrebbe essere solo una questione di tempo a meno che qualcosa che non prevediamo aumenti il ​​trend di maggiore adozione e domanda rispetto a un’offerta limitata. “

È aumentato di oltre il 5% in 24 ore. Il progetto di contratti intelligenti, Chainlink (LINK) e uno dei concorrenti più antichi di bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC) ha guadagnato tra il 5% e il 14% nello stesso periodo.

Trump Health News conteste le statut de refuge de la CTB

Il semble que l’idée que le bitcoin est une sorte de „refuge“ ait été remise en question ce week-end. Les nouvelles de Donald Trump et de son hospitalisation due à l’infection par le coronavirus ont mis un terme aux surtensions que connaissaient les stocks d’électricité. En conséquence, le bitcoin montre également des signes de faiblesse, ce qui suggère que la corrélation entre le S&P 500 et le bitcoin est toujours là et aussi forte que jamais.

Nouvelles concernant les actions Trump Brings Down… et BTC

Depuis longtemps, de nombreux experts et analystes du secteur ont exprimé l’idée que le bitcoin est une forme d’or numérique. Qu’il peut être utilisé de la même manière que l’or (pour protéger potentiellement sa richesse contre l’inflation et d’autres conflits économiques). Cependant, il semble que ce récit ne tienne pas la route, compte tenu de la crainte suscitée par les dernières nouvelles concernant la santé de M. Trump.

La bonne nouvelle, c’est que la monnaie reste au-dessus de 10 000 dollars, et que son record à cinq chiffres a baissé, mais le prix semble chancelant. En effet, l’indice de force relative (RSI) du bitcoin se situe à 45, alors que l’indice des actions est à 51, ce qui suggère que la chute du bitcoin a été beaucoup plus dure que tout ce que le marché boursier a connu.

Il est également prouvé que les bitcoins ont atteint 12 400 dollars fin août pour ensuite chuter assez rapidement à 2 000 dollars. À titre de comparaison, le S&P a chuté d’environ 6 % depuis septembre, tandis que le bitcoin a chuté de près de 15 %.

Meltem Demirors, directeur de la stratégie de Coin Shares, a commenté la situation lors d’une récente interview :

Une deuxième série de mesures de relance semble être ce sur quoi tout le monde s’appuie, même le président Trump. Est-il possible qu’un tout nouveau lot de chèques envoyés aux Américains en difficulté puisse potentiellement relancer l’économie, aidant ainsi à la fois le bitcoin et le marché boursier ?

En attendant un nouveau diagnostic du personnel médical, M. Trump a tweeté sa désapprobation concernant le manque d’action des membres du Congrès concernant le dernier plan de relance. Alors que les républicains et les démocrates se disputent depuis un certain temps, rien ou presque n’a été fait pour s’assurer que l’argent est envoyé aux bonnes personnes.

Sur les médias sociaux, M. Trump a déclaré :

Nos grands Etats-Unis veulent et ont besoin de mesures de relance. Travaillez ensemble et faites en sorte que cela soit fait. Merci !

Quand l’argent supplémentaire est-il acheminé ?

En réponse, le sénateur Mitch McConnell, chef de la majorité, déclare que le processus a été accéléré et que les discussions reprennent rapidement sur la meilleure façon d’aborder les problèmes en question. Il a déclaré :

Je pense que nous sommes plus près d’obtenir un résultat.

Yearn Finance founder suggests major update to L2 platform

Yearn Finance could launch a major update to the protocol.

Layer 2 scaling solutions would be one of the new features.

The price of YFI tokens fell 15% during a market downturn

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

The popular DeFi Yearn Finance aggregator has been one of the most active in terms of product development and upgrades in recent months. Lately, its founder hinted that an even bigger update was underway.

Yearn Finance has made giant strides since its launch. Its founder Andre Cronje, who has become something of a DeFi celebrity, revealed that the new system is much more complex.

The new Yearn system is probably the most complex to date. It integrates @synthetix_io @AaveAave @chainlink @iearnfinance and will work on L1 / L2

We’re trying to decide whether we should write an explanatory white booklet style before launch, or just kick in and surprise everyone?

Observers left in doubt by Andre Cronje

Not revealing any details in his teaser poll, Mr Cronje simply asked if they should post any information ahead of launch or just roll out the update to surprise everyone. This choice was then the most popular among the 5,350 respondents.

Some have suggested that a warning would help prevent influencers and whales from taking precedence over the rest, which has become a controversial standard in the ecosystem in recent times.

It is likely that the new Yearn v3 will incorporate more of other DeFi protocols in order to expand its current offerings which do the job for investors, saving them time and money.

A DeFi operator nicknamed “DeFiGod” (@ DeFiGod1), suggested a greater mix of existing protocols and assets:

It looks like synthetic issued / burnt asset swaps using Chainlink oracles to determine prices, AAVE will use these funds for coinage, and SNX / ethos contracts for the overall architecture.

More importantly, Andre Cronje has said that it will run on both Layer 1 and Layer 2, which will provide relief to users who have been affected by the recent spike in gas costs.

Scaling up to layer 2 is expected to enable thousands of transactions per second and a significant reduction in gas costs.

In addition to Yearn, DeFi Aave, Uniswap and Synthetix platforms are all set to roll out their own L2 solution upgrades.

Current YFI price

Yearn Finance is currently ranked sixth on the DeFi TVL charts with around $ 817 million in collateral locked according to DeFi Pulse .

Its native YFI token did not escape the clutches of bears during the cryptocurrency market’s massive sell-off this week . In the past 12 hours or so, YFI has suffered a 15% drop back to $ 22,500.

This slide is in line with an overall market decline that resulted in a loss of $ 10 billion in total market cap over the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin, Ontologie, Dogecoin Prijsanalyse: 12 september

Bitcoin handelde onder zijn weerstandsniveau van $10.400, in de perstijd. Als het erin slaagt om het niveau terug te winnen als steun, kan het naar het noorden opklimmen tot $11.200, waarbij het de rest van de markt meesleept. Verder, terwijl de vraag van Ontology op de rug van het verdienen van WING-munten schommelde, toonde Dogecoin tekens van bearishness en keek om naar een andere daling van waarde worden geleid.

Bitcoin [BTC]

Bitcoin handelde met $10.341, in de perstijd, en net onder het weerstandsniveau met $10.400. Het Volume Profile Visible Range toonde aan dat als BTC $10.400 zou recupereren, het snel zou kunnen oplopen tot $11.200, omdat er de laatste tijd niet veel handelsactiviteit was in deze zone.

De Point of Control voor Bitcoin, zoals benadrukt door de VPVR, bedroeg $11,745. De afgelopen maand was $11.800 een belangrijk niveau, omdat BTC dit niveau de vorige keer als springplank gebruikte om langs $12.000 te klimmen.

10.200 dollar kan ook dienen als een belangrijk steunpunt, terwijl 10.000 dollar tot nu toe sterk is verdedigd door BTC.

Als opeenvolgende handelssessies sluiten boven $ 10.400 voor BTC, kan dit leiden tot kopers die na een sluiting boven het niveau van de weerstand in stappen.

Ontologie [ONT]

Ontologie maakte sterke winst toen het langs zijn verzetszones voer. Op het moment van schrijven handelde het voor $0,84, nadat het enige weerstand had ontmoet rond de $0,85 zone.

Verder toonde de DMI aan dat er een sterke opwaartse trend gaande was. De ADX (geel) was ruim boven de 20, terwijl de +DMI (blauw) ook boven de -DMI (roze) lag.

De ontwikkelaars van Ontology hebben Ontology altijd aangeprezen als een high throughput blockchain. Vorige week heeft Wing, een DeFi platform gebaseerd op Ontology, haar whitepaper uitgebracht. Voor hetzelfde geld waren er in de Wing Flashpool, op het moment van de pers, tokens ter waarde van 67,99 miljoen dollar gestort om WING tokens te verdienen.

Dogecoin [DOGE]

DOGE vertoonde verborgen bearish divergentie omdat de prijs ervan lagere highs maakte, terwijl de RSI (momentum indicator) hogere highs registreerde op de grafieken. Dit werd ook benadrukt door de witte trendlijn, waarbij de RSI een neutrale waarde van 50 liet zien.

DOGE was over zijn support level heengegaan op $0.0032 en handelde op het moment van schrijven op $0.0027.

Een dergelijke bearish divergentie zou de DOGE ertoe kunnen aanzetten om verder te dalen op de grafieken om steun te vinden rond het $0.0026 niveau.

ByBit: earn up to 10 bitcoins with the new champion of the crypto derivatives markets!

Who will get the 10 bitcoins? – Ignoring derivative markets has become simply impossible. A tool of speculation for some, a possibility of strategic balancing for others, since their appearance they have made and undone fortunes. Having no desire to interfere in your personal choices, our duty remains to guide you to the best platforms in the sector.

Bitcoin Bank scam does us the honor of having chosen the Journal du Coin to introduce the challenges and opportunities inherent in derivatives trading . After a reminder of the fundamentals, we will explain why and how ByBit became the fourth platform on the market, putting Bitmex in its sights.

This is promotional content produced in partnership with ByBit. To thank you for your attention, we offer some good tips to find at the end of the article

Entering the abyss of derivatives markets is a complex task. Yet it is the key to any self-respecting trader , both in traditional finance and in cryptocurrencies.

It goes without saying that the lack of regulation around the crypto sector allows private investors to be in possession of overpowered tools . We invite you to use them with great care and allow ourselves to give some advice.

Derivatives markets and the use of “perpetual swaps” allow you to bet on the fall or rise of an asset. This is the opposite of “classic trading” where you buy bitcoin directly in the expectation of a future profitable resale. The perpetual swap allow you to bet on rising and falling Bitcoin without ever possess.

A parallel can be drawn with sports betting. You can bet on the fact that Dijon FC will supplant Toulouse in the next league game, without owning shares in the club. It’s the same mechanism that happens behind the scenes with perpetual swaps .

Unlike sports betting, you can limit your losses by stopping the bet at any time. The magic takes place in the opposite situation. If your prediction turns out to be correct, then you can let your bet run for several months, and see your profits fluctuate with the movements of an asset.

The major attribute of perpetual swaps is as exciting as it is perilous. Leverage makes possible a bet that is 2 to 100 times more than the amount you actually own. Result ? You get rich in record time or things take a turn for the worse.

If you are the head of a trading capital of 1000 euros, and use a leverage x5, you have fictitiously in your possession 5000 euros. As a result, the accumulation of earnings is greater if your prediction is correct. If your flair is failing, the reverse happens.

Despite the absurd aspect of this tool, its usefulness is indeed real and allows any self-respecting investor better management of his portfolio

Take the example of an investment fund that has decided to sell its bitcoins predicting an upcoming drop. In order to limit the impacts of such a decision, the fund then uses the derivative markets, and thanks to them, bets on the rise of Bitcoin. This double bet saves money in both situations, and minimizes the consequences of a bad decision.

The other example is that of a company specializing in Bitcoin mining . It is betting on the future, by investing millions of euros in its mining infrastructure. Its survival depends on the future price of Bitcoin, which will or will not allow it to recover its operational costs. Wishing to mitigate her risks, she uses the derivative markets to bet on a fall in Bitcoin, improving her cash flow in both cases.

Bitcoin trading BTC

The usefulness of perpetual swaps is therefore crucial in a balanced portfolio management. It is therefore natural that the potential market is massive, giving way to a pitched battle between exchange platforms.

Since its creation in 2018, ByBit has risen to the top of the ranking of derivative platforms. This meteoric rise is anything but the result of chance. Let us illustrate the reasons for this progression, and the competitive advantages of a leader in the making.

98% of all Bitcoin is now worth more than when you bought it

Bitcoin (BTC) has delivered profits to its holders by nearly 98% every day since 2013, according to new data.

According to a social media-based monitoring resource that tracks profitability, the purchase of Bitcoin has made its holders 97.6 percent richer every day.

The Independent covers Bitcoin’s upward trend in the midst of the pandemic

BTC’s profitability is a „feature of bull markets“
In other words, as the chain analysis service Glassnode indicated in its weekly report The Week On-Chain on Monday, 97.6% of Bitcoin’s unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) are in profits.

This means that only 2.4% of the UTXOs were created, as part of a wallet transaction, when the BTC price was higher than the current levels, around USD 12,000.

„Prolonged periods at this level and above are characteristic of bullish rises, as the BTC moves towards new historical highs (at which point the metric reaches 100%),“ said Glassnode.

Long-term BTC HODLers think that the price of Bitcoin will inevitably reach $100,000

Despite a slight setback on Tuesday night, Bitcoin continues to delight fans, with monthly earnings of nearly 30%.

The decline in gold and stocks seems to be feeding selling pressure, but under the hood, Bitcoin’s fundamentals remain stronger than ever.

As Cointelegraph reported, the hash rate has reached its highest average rate ever.

A Bulgarian startup will pay you Bitcoin when your flight is delayed
Bullish Evidence Rises
Glassnode added that every time UTXO returns above 95%, there is a brief but intense upward movement for BTC that lasts up to three months.

Other metrics suggest that Bitcoin Evolution is more at the beginning of a long uptrend than at the end of a sudden upturn. Specifically, Glassnode’s Compass, which uses a basket of factors to plot the strength of Bitcoin, continues to show strong upward momentum.

„The continued position of The Compass in the upper right quadrant provides an optimistic sign of continued upward sentiment and chain activity,“ the report added.

„This trend supports widespread speculation that BTC is in the early stages of entering a bullish market.

Earlier, Cointelegraph indicated that Bitcoin’s relative strength index, or RSI, was mimicking its performance after the 2016 halving, which reached a record high of USD 20,000 a year later.

Cardano et XRP se joignent à la liste des actifs cryptographiques dépassant Bitcoin (BTC) alors que l’analyste prévient que la saison d’Altcoin pourrait se terminer brutalement

L’impressionnant rallye de Cardano en 2020 a repris alors que le jeton natif Ripple XRP rejoint la liste des actifs cryptographiques dépassant Bitcoin (BTC).

En tête d‘ affiche la liste hebdomadaire des cryptocurrencies les plus performants avec une capitalisation boursière de 1 milliard $ ou plus est Stellar Lumens (XLM), avec des gains de plus de 42% au cours des sept derniers jours, selon Coin360 . La deuxième place est le réseau décentralisé oracle ChainLink (LINK) après avoir grimpé en flèche de plus de 30% au cours de la même période. Le protocole de gestion de la chaîne d’approvisionnement VeChain (VET) s’empare de la troisième place avec une hausse de 29,26%.

Cardano (ADA) se classe au quatrième rang avec des gains de plus de 28%, suivi par Tezos (XTZ) et Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) avec une croissance de 19,15% et 18,54

Le numéro sept est la pièce d’utilité Crypto Cash après une hausse de 15,64%. Au numéro huit, Ripple enregistre une augmentation de plus de 14%. La pièce de confidentialité Monero (XMR) et le protocole de système de divertissement de contenu numérique TRON complètent la liste des dix premiers après une hausse de 9,96% et 9,77%.

Le bitcoin a perdu 0,16% au cours des sept derniers jours au moment de la rédaction

Alors que les altcoins à grande capitalisation fléchissent leurs muscles, tous les analystes ne pensent pas que les taureaux resteront en contrôle à court terme. Un stratège populaire connu dans l’industrie sous le nom de CryptoAmsterdam a déclaré à ses 15 000 abonnés Twitter qu’il pensait que la fin de la saison des altcoins était en vue.

«Je pense que la soirée altcoin prendra fin très bientôt… [Bitcoin] domination [au] support hebdomadaire. BTC s’étend sur 70+ jours. La volatilité du BTC au plus bas n’a été vue que quatre fois depuis 2017. Ces bas ont été suivis de mouvements BTC de 50% à 250%. Historiquement, le troisième trimestre a été baissier. »

Pagamentos por raios Bitcoin agora apoiados pelo WikiLeaks Shop

Os pagamentos por raios Bitcoin estão agora sendo aceitos pela loja oficial do WikiLeaks – a loja de mercadorias online da organização internacional sem fins lucrativos WikiLeaks que publica notícias e mídia classificada fornecidas por fontes anônimas.

Loja WikiLeaks apresenta suporte para pagamentos por relâmpagos Bitcoin

WikiLeaks Shop, a filial do WikiLeaks, uma organização sem fins lucrativos notória por vazar informações confidenciais do governo, agora aceita pagamentos de Bitcoin Trader através da Rede Relâmpago. Para os não iniciados, a WikiLeaks Shop vende uma ampla gama de mercadorias do WikiLeaks, incluindo camisetas, máscaras faciais e adesivos para laptops, entre outros.

Ao introduzir suporte para pagamentos do BTC via Lightning, o WikiLeaks Shop se tornou um dos primeiros fornecedores a adotar o protocolo de pagamento de camada 2 que visa facilitar as transações instantâneas de bitcoin.

Falando à publicação criptográfica Coindesk, um representante do WikiLeaks Shop disse que a loja online adicionou suporte à Rede Lightning após receber inúmeros pedidos de clientes. A pessoa disse:

„Tentamos oferecer o maior número possível de opções de pagamento criptográfico que nossos apoiadores solicitam, pois muitos apoiadores também adoram moedas criptográficas“.

De acordo com seu site, o WikiLeaks Shop já suporta pagamentos incluindo bitcoin, bitcoin cash (BCH), ether (ETH), dash (DASH), litecoin (LTC), monero (XMR), e ZCash (ZEC) através do processador de pagamentos criptográficos CoinPayments.net, onde os usuários podem usufruir de um desconto de 5% se fizerem pagamentos em moedas criptográficas.

A Lightning Network ajudará a balança de Bitcoin?

Um ponto importante da dor que impede a adoção generalizada da bitcoin como meio de pagamento é sua falta de escalabilidade. O protocolo Bitcoin às vezes leva vários minutos, se não horas, para confirmar uma única transação, o que é dificilmente viável quando é necessário fazer pagamentos em trânsito.

A Rede de Raios está liderando o esforço para ajudar a escala de bitcoin

Até o momento, o protocolo de cadeia lateral de camada 2 tem criado várias parcerias em uma tentativa de aumentar a conscientização e fornecer uma alternativa confiável aos entusiastas da criptografia para usar o BTC como um meio de pagamento para as transações diárias.

No ano passado, o Bitrefill, que iniciou a criptografia, anunciou que integraria a Lightning Network com a troca criptográfica Coinbase para permitir que os usuários da plataforma enviassem transações na cadeia a partir de uma carteira Coinbase para os canais de recarga da Lightning ou pagassem faturas Lightning diretamente de uma conta Coinbase.

No início deste ano, a Lightning Labs levantou US$ 10 milhões em fundos da Série A para promover o desenvolvimento da tecnologia de pagamentos Lightning e dimensionar seu ecossistema de desenvolvedores.